With a revolutionary idea and in-depth experience in the precious metals market, MTC created a platform in which the cryptocurrency and gold market can interface perfectly.

The exchange offers the possibility to store the gold owned or to redeem it in physical form and to receive it quickly anywhere in the world.

A reliable and transparent system that allows institutional and private investors, companies and financial institutions to invest in the emerging digital asset economy with complete confidence.

We guarantee the same security standards as a bank, offering services with a higher level of efficiency and costumer orientation.


A window to the future, a link through which two worlds will interface: crypto currencies towards gold and gold towards crypto currencies.

With a pioneering spirit, MTC has created its own digital currency (MT-COIN GOLD) built on the Ethereum Blockchain with ERC20 token and integrated directly to the BTC-ETH-BCH-USDT-LTC nodes in order to be exchanged on the main Exchanges with the most important crosses.


We are convinced that digitalisation will have a greater and greater impact also in the financial choices of people, who will adopt behaviours capable of revolutionizing current logic.

In this context, our tokenization service, aimed at PMIs that intend to attract new investors, protecting their shares from manipulation by some market operators, was born and takes shape. The strength of tokenization consists, in fact, in the democratization of the shareholding structure and in the possibility of making liquid assets otherwise indivisible, with a greater inflow of capital. All in compliance with the highest levels of security, guaranteed by blockchain technology.

We tokenize the companies of the future. MTC a bridge between capitalization and blockchain.



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